A message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Allscott Meads Primary School and Nursery and thank you for taking the time to visit our new school’s website.

I am both delighted and proud to be the first Headteacher of Allscott Meads Primary School and Nursery, a diverse and welcoming school, housed a modern building in a beautiful setting. This school presents a unique opportunity to create a hub at the very heart of its community where positive relationships enable all children to thrive and flourish. I am really looking forward to working closely with parents, carers and children, creating a bespoke curriculum offer for Allscott Meads Primary School, making each day different and lots of fun.

Our local community is central to everything we do and want to achieve at Allscott Meads Primary School. It is of paramount importance that parents, carers and children all feel a sense of belonging and there is investment in these all-important relationships from the very beginning.  I enjoy teaching young children immensely and feel that excellent communication and relationships lie at the very heart of my collaborative approach to teaching and learning. It is essential that our school community feels valued so a successful partnership based on cooperation and trust can be fostered, resulting in a highly successful education for every child.

I strongly believe our rich curriculum is supported by our shared whole school values of, Belonging, Respect, Inspiration, Enjoyment and Success. I believe these values empower children in becoming increasingly self-motivated, independent learners. To support this further we provide a broad and balanced offer that enables children to become the very best that they can be. By embedding these all-important core values across each aspect of school life, the children become equipped with the confidence and self-esteem necessary to become fully engaged lifelong learners.

Allscott Meads Primary School is built in a unique location on the site of the former Sugar Beet Factory, an area which has been central to local industry within Telford for many years. In addition, the surrounding rural locality has long been used for farming, establishing a strong identity for the area that will inform and enhance our curriculum offer. Going forwards, I envisage the local community will present many inspirational employment opportunities, as well as future careers and business links to enhance our whole school provision further. I look forward to seeing how these are used to link areas of the curriculum such as Science, DT and Maths through STEM projects.

Whilst Allcott Meads is a growing school, it is set to expand quickly as a greater number of families become established in the area. There is capacity for the school to provide 150 places for primary aged children and there is room to expand beyond this in years to come. We have a lovely on-site Nursery and provide wraparound care for children should parents require it. We offer after school clubs and encourage children to take part in music, arts and sporting events.

It is such an exciting time to be the Headteacher of Allscott Meads Primary School and I am really looking forward to seeing the many exciting changes that there will be in this growing community. This wonderful new school facility has been designed to be shared and it will be lovely to see the building and its grounds being enjoyed by all. It is my wish that all children enjoy coming to school and Allscott Meads Primary provides the most unique opportunity to create a safe, happy environment where children enjoy their day and create happy memories they can look back on for many years to come.

Miss Kirsty Parkinson