Consultations, 20th March 2023

8 March, 2023
8 March, 2023

We are excited that the building work at Allscott Meads Primary Academy is continuing to make good progress thanks to the hard work and dedication from SJ Roberts and the collaboration with the Local Authority and the Learning Community Trust.

The Learning Community Trust (LCT) are busy making plans for the opening in September 2023 and as part of this we would like to invite prospective parents to a consultation meeting on 20th March at 4:30pm (with a creche) and a repeat session at 6pm at Hadley Learning Community, Crescent Road, Hadley, Telford, TF1 5JU.  Parking is available on the HLC Primary School car park. If you have/are moving in to the area or are considering Allscott as a school for your child/children whether that be now or in the future, we encourage you to attend. At the meeting we will introduce the new Head Teacher of Allscott Meads, discuss the plans for the curriculum and update you on how the build is progressing.

Additionally, as part of these preparations, we would like to consult with the local community about the uniform for the children who will attend Allscott Meads Primary Academy.

We strongly believe that uniform is important as it provides a way for students to show that they are proud to belong to their school community, giving a sense of belonging and ensuring equality amongst students.

Thank you to those community members, at our previous consultation evening and by contacting us via email, who have already informally given suggestions about the school uniform. Over the next 14 days, we are consulting the community to determine the uniform we will adopt in September 2023.

You can see our uniform presentation here with a detailed breakdown of the uniform options. If you would like to have your voice heard and to offer any feedback about the uniform, please can you complete the following survey (click here). The survey will close on Sunday 19th March at 6pm. Hopefully we will be able to announce the new uniform chosen on Monday 20th March.

Samples of the uniform colour options are available at Baker and Son Schoolwear, 29 New St, Wellington, Telford TF1 1LU. Matt Baker and his staff will be able to show you the uniform in different colours and you will be able to try them on your child.

Thank you in advance for your help and support to complete the community voice survey.

Kind regards,




Jane Hughes
Learning Community Trust